Monday 1 April 2013

Bother, said Pooh

People who keep up with my news will be aware that three weeks ago, I very stupidly dug through my own electricity cable. I actually got it fixed last week, but we've had a fortnight of uncharacteristically calm weather; the wind has not blown, and consequently despite the repaired cable my battery bank has not recharged.

And consequently I have been being extremely parsimonious with electricity, because, essentially, I haven't had any.

And consequently I've been more or less off the net. While I was off the net, the node of Amazons cloud which hosted died, and the image of was lost.  Unfortunately, the backup was not complete. That was my fault, not Amazon's. I lost much more than just my blog, but my blog was one of the things that was lost. Of course, I had planned to transfer my blog here - to blogger - for some time, but I hadn't done it. I shall transfer all the stories which were in my backup of the database here shortly.

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